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5 km from the Khajuraho village, lies the Southern Group of temples. It as two main temples.

Chaturbhuja Temple (Jatkari Temple)
This temple was built in 1100 AD and has a huge imposing intricately carved image of Lord Vishnu in the temple's sanctum, which is a massive 9 feet (2.7mtr) intricately carved Vishnu idol in Chaturbhuja (four-armed). This temple is also the only temple to be devoid of any erotic sculpture. This temple faces West and one have to take 10 steps to reach the sanctum.

Duladeo Temple
This Shiva temple is known for flaunting the striking images of the celestial maidens or apsaras and richly ornamented figures and lies little away from the road to the Jain group of Temples. The temple enshrines a Shivalingam. The apsara and ornamented figures are the temple's most striking features.

Beejamandal Temple - It is a ruined temple, and is near the Chattarbhuj Temple



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