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Khajuraho is virtually in the middle of no where. One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their architecture and  erotic sculpture. The name Khajuraho is derived from Hindi word "khajur" meaning date palm. Khajuraho is located in Chhatarpur District, in Madhya Pradesh about 385 miles (620 km) south east of Delhi, the Capital city of India. Any culture of heritage itinerary of India would be incomplete without a trip to Khajuraho.


"The ancient dynasties are often covered in a veil of mystery, largely because written records are rare and, as is often the case in India, myth and legend weave their way over time into the history of their origin and their region. And when the dynasty leaves the legacy of contradictory as the Khajuraho temple, with their mix of the religious and the sensuous, the web is woven of brighter threads, the accompanying legend more colorful.


Khajuraho or khajur-vahika" (bearer of date palms), also known as khajjurpura" in ancient time, evidently derives its name from the golden date palms (khajur) that adorned its city gates.


Welcome to the country of Moon God


The Khajuraho group of monuments has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


All the temples are open from sunrise to sunset.



"Khajuraho is visited as a part of itinerary along with heritage circuit of Agra, Gwalior and Orchha or part of a Tiger trail with Panna, Kanha, Pench and Bhandavgarh or the famous Delhi -Varanasi - Khajuraho circuit.

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