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HISTORY OF Khajuraho


Khajuraho was the historic capital of the Chandellas, who ruled over this area from the 9th through the 13th centuries. It was known as Kharjuravahaka. Tradition has it that the city gates were ornamented with two golden Kharjura or date palm trees. It is also believed that the name was derived from the numerous date palm trees that thrived in the vicinity.

The Khajuraho temples were re-discovered in 1838 by British officer T.S Burt who was quite surprised when he was faced with all these brilliant graphic, erotic and sensuous sculptures covering the interior and exterior walls of the temples

The Chandellas trace their origin to the mythical sage Chandratreya born of the moon. The Chandella dynasty came into being after the break up of the Pratiharas. During the reign of the rulers Harsha and Yashovarma or Lakshavarma in the 1st half of the 10th century, the Chandellas rose to power. Lakshavarma was succeeded by Dhanga who ruled for about 50 years and it was during his rule that several temples were constructed at Khajuraho.



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