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The Jain temples in the south eastern group are very similar in construction to the others. The Parsvanatha temple is the largest of these. There are also temples to Ghantai and Adinatha. Though most of the temple in this group belong to Jain faith, there are three Hindu temples in this group - Bhrama (Shiva), Vaamana, and Javari.
 Parsvanatha Temple
 The largest Jain temple of the Eastern group, Parsvanath temple has intricate stone carvings, especially, the sculptures on the northern outer wall of the temple are extra ordinary. It enshrines a throne facing the bull emblem that represents the first tirthankara, Adinatha.
 Adinatha Temple This temple is richly ornamented with delicate and pretty scultures including those of yakshis. It is dedicated to the first Jain tirthankara (saint), Adinath.
 Ghantai Temple(late 10th century)
 This Jain temple has remarkable frescos depicting the 16 dreams of the mother of Lord Mahavira at the time of his birth and a Jain goddess mounted on a winged Garuda.
 Brahma Temple
 Considered to be one of the oldest temples of Khajuraho made entirely in granite and sandstone, is dedicated to Vishnu.
 Vamana Temple – The 11th century temple has the dwarf form of Lord Vishnu and is known for its simple architecture with divine carvings of sensuous celestial maidens in various poses adorning its outer walls.
 Javari Temple
 The Javari temple with a opulently carved doorway and ostentatious sculptures on its exteriors is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his dwarf incarnation.



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